Apartments in Zirakpur- Duplex

Type1 (1560 Sq Ft.) & Type2 (1280 Sq Ft.): Gazipur Road Zirakpur, Punjab

A duplex house of Mona Greens II was initially planned keeping in mind the view of multi-family. This home consists of two separate units but built as a single dwelling Flats for your whole family to stay together. The two units are built either side-by-side, separated by a firewall, or they may be stacked. Duplex home plans are very popular in high-density areas especially in Zirakpur. The two units of a duplex floor plan are usually a mirror image of one other, but are also available with attached units varying in size and layout.

Mona Greens-II made in such a beautiful way with two different types of layout as per your likings. So, 3 BHK of Mona Greens II are divided in two parts: Type-I and Type II. Type-I is 1560Sq.Ft (3rd floor). They should be the best 4 BHK soon, which is mainly occupied in third floor of the building. Type-II is little less as compared to Type-I that covers an area of about 1280Sq.Ft which is mainly occupied in fourth floor of the building.  Both are having same layout with little difference in the square feet. The total super area occupied by Duplex is 2840 Sq. Ft( 3rd + 4th).


Mona Greens Apartments on Gazipur Road, ZirakpurThe term "duplex" has a variety of meanings, each influenced by location and history. But in Zirakpur, it has made its innings. Here, duplex floor plans are basically considered as multi-family home plans featuring two distinct living areas separated by floors or walls which is basically combining the two floor plans namely 3 BHK and 4 BHK.This type of home is designed to conserve space by building two units as one structure. In most cases, duplex house plans are designed with the outward appearance of a single-family dwelling with two distinct entries. Limited only by the creativity of the architect and the available building area, plans for duplexes come in a multitude of sizes and styles. Duplex floor plans generally offer one unit next to the other separated by a firewall or two units stacked one on top of the other separated by the floor. Its features are mostly inherited from 3 BHK.

Each room features tasteful alpine furnishings, elegant décor, and a lavish five-piece bath with shower. It also features premier amenities. This condominium follows the traditional style, roofs with wooden ground surface and unique Vitrified tiles, tastefully done and semi-outfitted but spacious.

Duplex is the ultimate home for you and your family and your companions with up to minimum eight persons. You will cherish the extravagant, beautiful lofts intended for inspiring solace and easy style. It has all diversion you require from adjacent shopping centers, schools, silver screens, enclosures, touring and restaurants to swimming pools.

The property is modern and refined is located in an historical palace. This sublime fusion between modern, quality service and efficiency leaves one with an antique aroma. unit at Mona Greens II gives both guests and family alike the possibility to experience the atmosphere of an authentic 5-Star property. It will give you a unique and unrepeatable experience in an extraordinary setting in the heart of Zirakpur. The location of 3 BHK is simply superlative.


Layout Duplex Apartment
Layout Plan: Duplex
Mona GreensII: Gazipur Road, Zirakpur, Punjab
Area: Type1 (1560 Sq Ft.) & Type2 (1280 Sq Ft.)


Furnished or Non Furnished


Covered Area


Total Area

3 acres



3rd Floor

1560 Sq.Ft

4th Floor

1280 Sq.Ft

Any other related area which is mentioned generally in your trade.


Door and windows details

UPVC doors & windows on outer side & Wooden
doors in interior. Wood work in Dressing room.

Current Availability



Railings/ Grills used in and Related

 M.S. Railing @3’0” High


3rd Floor(6’-7.5” and 8’-0”) 4th Floor(8’-0”)

Store Room


Any other additional information

 Terrace is available and wide passage of width 5’-6”




Flooring and skirting

Premium vitrified Tiles

Wall Finishes

All the surfaces of walls and ceilings shall be finished


P.O.P. Cornish




Flooring and skirting

Wooden Flooring in Master Bed Room



Wood Work

Yes, Wooden flooring

Wall finish/ Ceiling

 Putty and OBD for ceiling.

Room Area/ Dimensions

 3rd Floor(10’-6”*16’-0”) & 4th Floor(11’-7.5”*13’-0”)




Flooring Skirting

anti-skid Floor Tiles 

Wall finish/ Ceiling

Plaster & Exterior Point


M. S. Railing 

Room Area/ Dimensions

3rd Floor(6’-7.5” and 8’-0”) 4th Floor(8’-0”)





Brown Belly chowkhats

All Door

UPVC Doors on outer side and Wooden work in dressing room


 UPVC Windows on outer side


Cupboards/dressings/Crockery Counter/Vanity





Antiskid Tiles

Wall Finished

Ceramic Tile


althea surfaces shall be finished with O.B.D.


C P fittings. Chinaware fixtures

Room Area/ Dimensions

 Varying Dimensions




Flooring, Skirting

Vitrified Tiles

Wall Finishes

Ceramic tiles(above counter).

Wall finish/ Ceiling

All the surfaces of walls and ceilings shall be finished with O.B.D 


Pre-polished Granite.

Storage Racks

Modular/ Non Modular Kitchen with storage baskets & accessories

Room Area/ Dimensions

3rd Floor (7’-0”*15’-0”) & 4th Floor(7’-0”*15’-0”)




Flooring, Skirting

Anti skit Tiles


Copper wiring concealed conduits, protective MCB's, modular switches and provision for sufficient power and light point in all rooms. TV and telephone sockets in drawing in drawing, dining and bed rooms & Inverter provision


 Modular Switches

Any Other



General Building Features for Mona Greens for all types of properties in this project.

Building material


Wires wirings and pipes/ MCBs

 Yes, available (Copper Wiring)

Security and alarms

 Yes, available

Social Clubs

 Yes, available

Swimming Pools

 Yes, available


 Yes, available

Common/ Guest Parking Area

 Yes, available


 Yes, available

Water Supply

 Yes, available

Intercom within society

 Yes, available

Electricity Backup

 Yes, available

Duplex Apartments in Zirakpur under second phase

Property in the secondary phase.

Classic Combination 3 & 4 BHK

Condos combining two different types of floors of varied arrays that have separate but adjoining floors connected by an interior staircase. Duplexes are generally be inclined to be large homes and are mostly found in luxury buildings.

Other than 2,3,4 bedroom units, MT has finally shook hands with an exciting duplexes keeping in mind the first time home buyers all over. This deliverance of Duplex helps you to get most of your building budget. With an extensive selection of floor plans, you are sure to go for duplex that suits your need and budget. It is actually a profit for you all multiplying homes within one house with a stairs in the middle giving a look of not less than mansion with an enjoyment of plenty of living space. There are many other options that you can find in here other than comfortable.

It is developed with the outward appearance as well as the interior décor keeping in mind the single as well as the multi-family dwelling. One stacked upon the other and separated by the floor is actually a duplex.

The two floors unite 3rd and 4th BHK of Mona Greens II into one with access to one from the other via internal staircase. The duplexes vary in styles and width as the home is really massive. These are especially in demand for families both for the absolute amount of space they provide as well as for their unique, two-storey layout that allows greatest separation o f the bedrooms and utmost comfort.

Elevation plan 3 & 4 BHK apartment

These classic 3 and 4 bedroom leads to cozy and making it one duplex. Turning 2 types into one beautiful, unique home gives you the full advantage of both separate yet connected floors.




The complete list of avalaible Banks/ Fls Approvals