Dak Bungalow on VIP Road, Zirakpur, close to Mona Greens

DAK Bungalow as the name implies is the most famous resort that includes everything for the high class people. It is considered as the romantic land with the backdrop of trees and swimming pool. It is maintained so nicely that people are enthusiastic to come in the same place again and again. It gives people with utmost comfort and safety. In short DAK Bungalow is one in all which includes Restaurant, club, sitting area, rooms and disco.

DAK Bungalow is just next to Mona Greens and Mona Greens II which is best for people who stays in Mona Greens and Mona Greens II as they have got the best amenities nearby. To provide a comfortable stay, there are plentiful places to stay in Zirakpur. There is no difficulty regarding accommodation, moreover it is easily available. The best thing about this resort is that it is nearby Mona Townships. This comprises of all the luxuries and facilities like Swimming pool, cocktail bar, marriage hall, disc and many more. This hotel serves lip smacking dishes from Indian and continental cuisine.

DAK Bungalows by Whispering Willows, Willows basically are the tree with long flexible branches that has narrow leaves and catkins which contain small flowers without petals. These long flexible trees are surrounding the bungalow which gives the exceptional look to the resort with signature interiors. People come from across the globe just to make there day more beautiful and even to just to spend their day with beautiful scenery. The secret to classy environment is firstly the surrounding Willows and the cleanliness of the place. They are successful because of the well maintained rooms and beautifying the places with more and more additional requirements with new segments they can introduce.

Bungalow is sprawled across 2 to 3 acres of land in Zirakpur with all interiors. In the entrance are the three rooms where security guard is there, he continuously keeps an eye on people who are going inside out. There is 24*7 securities in Bungalow. Now as we enter the room as it is common in all places reception area, who welcomes with you love and takes care of the things which all you want. Now proceeding further is the small couch where people come often to see the full view of the lovely place. Actually it’s a small bar with five to six tables arranged for family or couples or may be friends.

Straight to the exit of the bar is the lap of the nature where swimming pool is in the centre of the bungalow which beautifies the place more and more. These small-small touches to the resort are more pleasing and impressive to look at. Small pool is surrounded by the big central dining area where people can come and spend time with their beloved.
Just to the right of it is discotheque which is an entertainment for children and especially for those who are planning to get united that night that is marriage. Overall this place is one in a heaven where all facilities and amenities are assured with high quality and high class standards with complete peace of mind and luxury.

Despite of all the facilities there is one more convenience which they will look forward to do it in future, that is rooms for accommodations. Near to all these is a top storied building where owner of the resort are residing. Owners are taking care of the place and well maintaining it and upholding with proper care. They are raising the hotel with the high quality services for customers, high performance and healthy and green environment.

This hotel is famous for its exceptional meals, personalized services and stunning pool front location. Boundaries with beautiful pine trees few come to the woods to see how the pine lives and grows and spires, lifting its evergreen arms to the light -- to see its perfect success.

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