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City Emporium Mall, a luxury shopping mall that is near our apartments Mona Greens and Mona Greens II is flaunting with their new products and stores which gives memorable shopping experience. City Emporium was designed with focus and care and is made taking care of the people of Zirakpur requirement. For a great shopping experience, make time for this iconic department store, well-loved for its diverse range of men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, grooming must-haves and home essentials. It is located in Industrial and Business Park, Chandigarh. The mall contains sufficient space for as many as 2000 stores approximately.

One of the best malls of all, featuring the best amenities that is required in day to day life. With enormous facilities people across all over India come to shop here. At least they do window shopping if not purchasing. But City Emporium is made with such attracting designs and proposals that have made people to spend maximum time they can squander. It has attracted a large foreign crowd, mostly because of the mall's location.

City Emporium Mall Commerical Property, with its pioneering adoption of international standards of equipment which has changed the way the nation expects a mall to have. Patrons are welcomed with personalized attention to be seated in a cozy chesterfield or couch having reclining facility with a double curve lumber support and equally comfortable headrest & footrest which is good for aged people.

It includes a wide range of speciality stores and restaurants as well as a multiplex movie theater and several entertainment attractions. It is claimed as the ultimate title of one of the large shopping malls close to our property in Zirakpur. The mall hosts major anchor stores such as Westside and Landmark (40,000 sq ft), and several local and international brands such as Nike, Adidas, Bata, Regal, Health & Glow, Vummidiars, Van Heusen, Proline, Allen Solly, Florshaim shoes, Lipton, Louis Philippe, Titan, Levi’s, Casio, V.I.P. Luggage, Spencer & Co , Timex Watch Showroom, Swatch, Cookie Man, BPL, Color Plus, Navigator, Witco, Pantaloons , Arrow, Lee, Music World, Food World, HSBC, ABN AMRO, American Express, Citibank , First Flight and Du Bowl.

This mall has more than enough stores to suit all kinds of lifestyles and budgets. Whether you are looking for the most upscale, the trendiest, the funkiest, or the most specialized, you will find them among this mall. The layout is logical and fairly compact, certainly when compared to the sprawling other mall nearby. However, City Emporium doesn’t quite cater for all budgets to the same extent of other malls in the area. This mall provides mainly luxury items for well-heeled people and international visitors with cash to splurge. If you are looking for something extra-special then City Emporium is definitely the place to find it.

As for how popular they are around the time of new product launches, it’s not uncommon to see queues of people lining up outside waiting for a chance to glimpse the season’s new line. Bring your credit card though, as this kind of luxury doesn't come cheap but as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

This gives way to more affordable brands further into the mall. Many massive shops on respective floor offer more everyday items for price-conscious shoppers who still demand cutting-edge style. It’s also worth keeping your eyes peeled for seasonal sales throughout the mall as you might get lucky and bag yourself a designer bargain. The bustling crowds start to thin out up here in the morning then it goes so crowded till night sometimes as it becomes hard to step inside a mall. It’s a good place to take a break at one of the several cafes dotted along the thoroughfares, allowing time to recover from the lively crowds below and appreciate the stylish and refined décor.

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