Ambition towards our Zirakpur Projects

The world is changing all around us. We are maintaining the same mission, vision and principles over the past 30 years with highly qualified and motivated employees who manage profit center based divisions and capable of adapting new features that benefits us. With its 3 decades services, the company “Mona Townships” has been able to provide products and services to its major customers. MT Zirakpur which is the real estate company that gives shelter to millions of people, a beautiful apartment to suit every taste and style.

Mona Greens Property front face in ZirakpurVision

Our only vision is to be the leading provider of quality construction and engineering service. Our vision is to become a diverse company by integrating our proven knowledgeable reputation and heartening innovation and growth. Our team is devoted to authenticate our customers' projects turning their delusions into reality. Our basic vision is to be number one in every segment that we step into and travel various projects to work.


Our mission is to form a long-term relationship with our clients and partners and our members who are putting their efforts day and night to make your dream come true. They are done by using constructions that are superior and various solutions and employing the best sources and latest state of the art procedures. Our mission is to leverage our global reach with the best people and superior service and to deliver innovative, ground breaking, proficient and efficient solutions to enhance effectiveness and use something to its best advantage. To deliver first-class, money-making projects on schedule by making use of and supporting zealous, flexible and focused project teams as in Real Estate in Zirakpur. We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all employees, customers, and subcontractors. Our clientele add up on our commitment, our assurances, truthfulness and honesty. We take immense satisfaction in our activities and put together on them every day.

We Build Great Residence Not Just Profits

We offer a chance to build long term relationship with our customers and career enhancing benefits. We are as highly ambitioned leaders dexterously integrate both economically and social value for our customers.  We not only aim for profits but also build great buildings for citizens who believe in us. We set apart our self in practice and outlook and in all other viewpoints which makes us stand unique from others. Zirakpur Property aims to provide the highest possible standard of quality and service in the construction industry, giving Clients the best satisfaction the Company can offer. We believe that company is successful if there is loyalty, trust and confidence.

Within few years, MT Zirakpur is sparkling due to its determined development plans that transformed its skyline and created a vibrant and efficiently running real estate company. Projects of MTZ are sprouting in all the directions of the city and its neighbor along with considering the agencies, shopping malls, entertaining segment in an accessible area. Covering so many projects seeking to promote the high standard development and attracting customers in all the directions are our main endeavor.

We have the experience to give the best to our customers on the best possible outcomes. That is why we are a professional and reliable company with many years of experience and expertise. Consistent support of our customers, visitors and of course the faithfulness of our team members has made our company to grow into the largest independent real estate company in the province.

Values that lead to Dedication

We are open and clear-cut with our workers, clientele and dealers. We as a team act in accordance with with all rules, laws and regulations of all lawmaking and regulatory agencies. We are concerned for and committed to the communities we serve by operating in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We take responsibility for our actions and live by our values to build and protect our Company’s reputation.

We value our workers

“The main constituent of glory is the rest of the workers!”
We believe in the unlimited potential of people empowered, engaged, and focused on a common mission. The secret to our success is that good leadership and good leadership is all about making the lives of our workers better. 

We value our patrons

“The purpose of our company is to create a customer!”
We believe each customer is unique. We listen closely to their needs and collaborate to build great projects. With passion, we combine our energy, knowledge, and talents daily to construct projects that exceed our customers’ expectations.


We value our communities

“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve well!”
Our communities welcome us as neighbors, employers and environmental stewards. We are members of many communities: family, school, neighborhood and business it is from these communities that we gain our sustenance. We believe that generous leadership is essential to the prosperity of all our communities.

We value integrity

“Integrity is a key to our success and is the byproduct of doing right!”
We believe that sincerity and frankness are the groundwork for integrity and trust. We build mutual relationships with our customers, architects, designers, engineers, financiers, subcontractors and suppliers. We believe that success and achievement is the byproduct of doing the right thing.

We value continuous erudition

“Learning is the next step to success!”
We consider that knowledge authorized and learning leads to change and growth of individuals and organizations. In our drive for continuous improvement, we persuade our employees to take risks, look for smarter ways to work, seek new ideas, reduce waste, and use resources wisely.

We value continuous upgrading

“Improvements begin with!”
We set determined goals, widen to meet them, and then lift up the bar again and again. We accept as true that everything can be done better, faster and more lucratively in an atmosphere that strives for excellence. We give confidence to our employees to constantly look for new ways to create value for our customers.

We value results

“Every decision you make has an end result!”

We construct projects safely to meet the most inflexible design and quality standards those of our customers. We admire capability, seek best practices, and do our utmost for swift execution. In a complex business, we endeavor for simplicity, valuing a job done right.

 The beginning of the journey to build a city!

The journey we began, building a city!

December 2013
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