4 BHK Apartment Zirakpur-Mona Greens

VIP Road, Zirakpur, Punjab

This is the dedicated 4 BHK Flat/ apartment page of Mona Greens property. It lays on the VIP road of Zirakpur. This is a flat where you can see your future that takes your life from the organization and reflect on the importance of time and location. You want your home to look beautiful where you going to live. 4 BHK which spreads over 2291.77 Sq. Ft. and displays a functional interior, specially designed to provide utmost comfort. An impressive place where one would love to stay, the flat that has been developed in the location where you can find all the facilities that lays nearby your home which is the most important factor.

Mona Greens 4 Bedroom Hall Kitchen BHK that is being made with full inquisitiveness to give a unique look. The most challenging is to make homes which are as per your likings. It is outfitted with

  • 4 bedrooms where first 3 bedrooms comes with washrooms attached to it, that is to each room and one bedroom which is separated by a wall and common for the bedroom and guests that has a condition to make it attached as well.
  • Dining Room
  • Drawing Room
  • Kitchen, and
  • Balconies

Drawing room view of this Zirakpur property. Check Rates and all options!It is devoted with latest and greatest products in architecture and design. It is believed that it is going to be the most popular flats with influential architecture. The primary focus in 4 BHK is that to make your home not only look beautiful but also unique, organized and healthy. We believe that a calm, healthy, beautiful home is a necessary foundation for happiness and success in the world.

4 BHK which has four walls is constructed with lots of love and plenty of amenities that can eb a basic requirement for a human being and nearby facilities. This flat will not only be good for you but also to your family who spends time with you. There is something cool about this flat which you will come to know after you buy the flats and spend your precious time with your loved one that has something unique and special.

This flat will look better with new walls glittering tiles, floors finished and different rooms, among all unique design. We built homes that give a wow effect when someone sees it for the first time. In these getting ready flats you can find the exterior and interior inspiration, extra ordinary ideas and astonishing buildings from all around the globes which focuses on sustainability that is the highlight. You can simply view the incredible works of world renowned designers and architects which all gathered into a single place in 4 BHK.

Layout Plan

layout plan of this property
Area: 2291.77 Sq.ft

Master Bedroom in our apartment

Master Bedroom, design it your way!

The true taste of a 4 BHK

When you are looking for home especially 4 Bedroom Apartments and comes within your price range, you might expect more than usual and something that is bizarre from others. One of the projects of MT Zirakpur that is Mona Greens located in picturesque area that highlights the city’s natural beauty and architecture. It is the perfect place to start and end your search for 4 BHK. Our comprehensive listings of facilities and amenities are constantly focused to reflect the dreams of people.

It is seriously an incredible opportunity to own a 4 BHK apartment affordable and newly constructed condo in desirable location. It consists of the entire space with a private loggia. Offering spacious rooms ranging from Master Bedroom to Guest Rooms along with modern finishes from floor to ceiling in this floor plan. Located perfectly in the greenery area of Zirakpur gifting convenient access to varieties of shops, restaurants and banquets and many others. Just minutes away from Park and major expressway that heads to north of Zirakpur to South in just eating of one apple. This apartment has lots of natural lights and cool breeze of fresh air. You can also enjoy the sights and sounds of the green grasses making pleasant sound from your spacious balcony.

The space, the amenities, the locations and the well organized group are all key attributes for the success. It is actually a fantastic and spacious room for members of 6 or 8 or even more. Rooms are as comfortable as one can imagine. Living room and dining room are big enough for all the members and I myself love the unique features of this apartment with attached washrooms in every room and private balconies to every room that are seriously charming.

Panoramio View

Stretch your budget from a 2/3 BHK

2 BHK Flats

If you have budget for a 3 Bedroom apartment to buy, we suggest, if possible, make it to a 4 BHK for what you get is what you might not buy again and again for yourself. Your senses are satisfied to a higher degree a room spare always for anyone who comes to share and increase your happiness in your home of solitute. With few spaces dedicated to health and wellness, residents can enjoy the facilities constantly around the clock any time. Built in the form of high class building, it offers semi furnished one with range of residencies from spacious floor with an assortment of amenities that is lined up. Huddled in the prime residential place, it provides access to the wealthy hub. You can find a choice of world renowned shopping areas sporting numerous malls and boutique stores. The vibrant sideways corridor of VIP Road paved with innumerable restaurants or dhabas with lip smacking dishes.

The completion of the building is just in the end. Finally the date has come and it’s underway. This huge yet spacious square foot is on track to open its doors. The focus of the enlargement is upon finishing point that will boast the largest roof in the area. It is constructed from standardized materials and mainly the pillars that provide a structural weight per floor.

The success behind the promotion of one project after the other is the upkeep of all belongings to a high standard while maintaining basic building and excellent work whenever they can add on to with dynamic and result oriented professionals who are always ready to make a divergence and give a unique look to the building.

View from one of the 4 BHK apartments

View from one of the 4 BHK apartments in Mona Greens Property

No ordinary Zirakpur Apartment

Greenery and its extra ordinary beauty of foliage scribbled all around with little adjusted stones covering sideways surrounding the centered piece that is 4 BHK. Inside of the town you will discover more information on the musings and designs which you will think about while purchasing home both as far as work and magnificence.

Zirakpur has nothing to investigate as in specially yet has a great deal to display bringing an awesome show of greenery and continuous release of home with little shops and dhabas. It is an impeccable spot to revel in night and to stroll around the shrubs with your adored viewing flying creature’s with a lot of fresh and relaxing air breathed by your lungs.

Mona greens view from front, see homepage!

Mona greens from the front, featuring 2 BHK. The 3 and 4 BHK blocks are right behind.

An open living area with a modern décor, floor to ceiling windows with an amazing view of the city is almost donned with utmost facilities. The super sized balconies and the rooms directly off the living and dining room giving a spacious indoor outdoor feel as in you are living in a paradise. Each and every space in 4 BHK are very spacious and bright and airy with the views of the surrounding. It has also got the feel of a resort with a porch giving a perfect view of the open ground. It is both beautiful and comfy place to live in with all available just as the length of your hands. It has the benefit of being at the right location.

The complete list of avalaible Banks/ Fls Approvals