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Everyone likes to make an entrance and doors that not only enhance your privacy and security but they add to enhance the designing of home interiors too. Usage of UPVC doors which is specialized in design, color and are user friendly too. These types of doors can benefit users from high traffic area where there is less noise. The doors give interiors an attractive and modern look which is of standard heights and its lock looks simple and beautiful. Not to mention, your name plate would look the best here too.

The Entrance/ Main Door: 3 BHK Flat

Entrance to the 3 BHK sample flat- Solid Quality Wood

Drawing Room/ Living Room

The room looks simply amazing with fluorescent lights though semi-furnished. Depending on the layout, you can serve many different functions. If you want to make this room as a family room then you can reform it in a relaxing and entertaining environment. And you can use it for watching TV, by playing games and spending valuable time with your family. These vitrified tiles make the room look more in vogue.

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The first view inside from the main door

The first view inside from the main door

Living/ drawing room

Living/ drawing room

Drawing room from the dining area

Drawing room from the dining area

Center Table and Sofa Set in the sample flat

Center Table and Sofa Set in the sample flat

Velvet brownish upholstry

Velvet brownish upholstry

LCD mounted on the other side

LCD mounted on the other side. Moving to the non-entrance side, you can mount an LCD/ TV on the wall in the common room for all yet maintaining the privacy from outside the flat.

Just next to the LCD, is the guest room entrance

Just next to the LCD, is the guest room entrance. door visible.

another view of the living room

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Master Bedroom

These are in total three bedrooms out of which one is Master bedroom where you can see wooden flooring and vitrified tiles in the apartment. These images are just contemporary bedroom design ideas which you can implement it in your flat. It is the time to have a look at practical solutions. If you are looking for inspiration on how to decorate your master bedroom, then prepared to be overwhelmed with fantastic ideas that you can apply in your room or following the same as shown in the image.    

Master Bedroom suites include a small seating area, beautiful views and interior hallway to master bathroom and closet. Washrooms are attached to the rooms as you can see in the image.



Bedroom 2, complementing the main room, is large enough and full view outside. The closet are not in an extended area and a part of the direct 4 walls of the room extending further to a bathroom which is designed to complement the rest of the beauty spread in abundance in this property.

Entrance to the secondary room

Entrance to the secondary room

Black and white color toning

We decided to give this room a sheer black and white combination.

A small fixed study table with small window

A small fixed study table with a small window openning in front with a view of the central area of the block.

Matching Black and white bedding

Matching black and white bedding

Glass outing closset with a view of the entrance to the attached toilet

Showing the entrance to the attached toilet.

Dressing Table with a beautiful mounting for LCD.

Velvet Curtains- black and white tone to match the room

Velvet Curtains- black and white tone to match the room

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Matching wall paper at the back of the bed

A matching wall paper is put at the back of the bed to go with the bed and the setties put alongside the bed.


Table Lamp

Also alongwith it is a beautiful table lamp.

double curtains

The room is decorated further with the double type curtains as shown in the above photograph.

Guest Bedroom

Bedroom is that part of the where people come here to recharge themselves and rest after a hard day’s work and the daily stress. This what our Guest expects from us, room must be similar to our personality to make them feel the way they want to. It should be designed with style, without overcrowding it with useless materials. Usage of vitrified tiles in the room gives immense peace that one requires along with washrooms attached to it.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Kitchen occupying 7’-0”*11’-3” of the total area which is immediately to the left of dining room that is planned strategically for ladies. Modular Kitchens designed using granite top and single bowl single drain stainless sink. These UPVC doors and windows add strong yet calm beauty to the décor. They are semi-furnished however named they stylish kitchen with fashionable designs and longer service life.

The False Ceiling with lighting effect

The False Ceiling with lighting effect above the dining area, just next to the drawing area, plus it also gives a great look from the entrance.



There are two balconies one attached to the bed room, another attached to the master bed room , where is one is made approximately with 8’-0” wide and another with square feet of about 6’-0” wide. A great view sees in the balcony from the living room.

Sample Bedroom 3 BHK Flat from outside.

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