3 BHK Flats-Mona Greens II Gazipur Road

(Type 1- 1810 Sq.ft and Type2- 1510 Sq.ft ) Gazipur Road Zirakpur, Punjab

These Mona Greens II condos have a total area in 1810 Sq. and one of the main attraction of the persons who take their life from the managing attitude and consider the importance of time and location. As the most important factor of success is the location where one stays, the particular flat has been developed in the location where almost all the facilities lie nearby. The location of the place is good. The entry points are too good.

Mona Greens-II made in such a beautiful way with two different types of layout as per your likings. Type 1 is mainly occupied in first and second floor of the building in an independent 48 floors property. Type-II is little less as compared to Type-I that covers an area of about 1560 Sq.Ft.  Both are having same layout with little difference in the square feet.

Zirakpur known for its hustle and bustle, it might be that you would be after that superfluous touch of space and privacy in your place at present and in future as well. So if you're looking for a self contained Zirakpur apartment at a fantastic price, then is sure to go through Mona Greens II of MTzirakpur.

Commencing on new discoveries does not mean that you will be missing the warmth and familiarity. At Mona Greens 2, we welcome you to live the way you want and stay at a place where you can make yourself happy first and find the real you in your own home. Our residential style living spaces and amenities are designed for customers who value pleasure-seeking homes calmness and conveniences as much as they do new experiences.

Enjoy the extraordinarily spacious 3 BHK. You will be provided the spacious kitchen with modern appliances, attached washrooms, three bedrooms and the contemporary furnishings though semi provides the comforts of home with the amenities and facilities of an apartment that is required. Well suited for a family and a joint family, they have lot to flatter you that offers comfort, convenience and awe-inspiring views of the city.

It is perfectly done by architect, perfectly categorized and imaculately constructed. It is clearly made by us with carefully designed entrance, balcony, kitchen, dining room, bed rooms and master bed rooms. It is hard to find negatives in this flat.


Layout 3 BHK of MGII
Layout Plan: 3 BHK Flat - TYPE1
Mona Greens II: Gazipur Road, Zirakpur, Punjab
Area: 1810 Sq.ft

Layout type 2

Layout Plan: 3 BHK Flats - TYPE 2
Mona GreensII: Gazipur Road, Zirakpur, Punjab
Area: 1560 Sq.ft

Specifications of this Property

Furnished or Non Furnished


Covered Area

 GF(1810 Sq.Ft), FF & SF(1560 Sq.Ft) and Stilt Parking (1350 Sq.Ft)

Total Area

3 acres


See Detailed Pricing Information and Payment Options

3BHK(Stilt+8Storey Building)


Ground Floor


1st Floor


2nd Floor


Any other related area which is mentioned generally in your trade.


Door and windows details

UPVC doors & windows on outer side & Wooden
doors in interior. Wood work in Dressing room.

Current Availability



Railings/ Grills used in and Related

 M.S. Railing @3’6” High


Varying Dimensions(6’-0” and 8’-0”)

Store Room


Any other additional information





Flooring and skirting

Premium vitrified Tiles

Wall Finishes

All the surfaces of walls and ceilings shall be finished


P.O.P. Cornish




Flooring and skirting

Wooden Flooring in Master Bed Room



Wood Work

Yes, Wooden flooring

Wall finish/ Ceiling

 Putty and OBD for ceiling.

Room Area/ Dimensions

 GF(11’-6”*15’-9”) & FF/SF(11’-6”*15’-9”)




Flooring Skirting

anti-skid Floor Tiles 

Wall finish/ Ceiling

Plaster & Exterior Point


M. S. Railing 

Room Area/ Dimensions

Varying Dimensions(6’-0” and 8’-0”)





Brown Belly chowkhats

All Door

UPVC Doors on outer side and Wooden work in dressing room


 UPVC Windows on outer side


Cupboards/dressings/Crockery Counter/Vanity





Antiskid Tiles

Wall Finished

Ceramic Tile


althea surfaces shall be finished with O.B.D.


C P fittings. Chinaware fixtures

Room Area/ Dimensions

 Varying Dimensions




Flooring, Skirting

Vitrified Tiles

Wall Finishes

Ceramic tiles(above counter).

Wall finish/ Ceiling

All the surfaces of walls and ceilings shall be finished with O.B.D 


Pre-polished Granite.

Storage Racks

Modular/ Non Modular Kitchen with storage baskets & accessories

Room Area/ Dimensions

GF(7’-0”*11’-3”) & FF/SF(7’-0”*11’-3”)




Flooring, Skirting

Anti skit Tiles


Copper wiring concealed conduits, protective MCB's, modular switches and provision for sufficient power and light point in all rooms. TV and telephone sockets in drawing in drawing, dining and bed rooms & Inverter provision


 Modular Switches

Any Other



General Building Features for Mona Greens for all types of properties in this project.

Building material


Wires wirings and pipes/ MCBs

 Yes, available( Copper Wiring

Security and alarms

 Yes, available

Social Clubs

 Yes, available

Swimming Pools

 Yes, available


 Yes, available

Common/ Guest Parking Area

 Yes, available


 Yes, available

Water Supply

 Yes, available

Intercom within society

 Yes, available

Electricity Backup

 Yes, available

Just a short breath of air away from the prominent malls, it is just the finest in service living where opulent and semi furnished meets at one space. All rooms include separate space for all the requirements that you need to arrange. You can take the advantage of frivolous opportunities that will be offered to you. This apartment also features other basic amenities, access to many other destinations and shopping malls throughout the city and of course the nightlife option.

Your condo residents is located just a short drive from various districts. You can also stroll at your leisure to the many restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues located along famous roads and throughout the area.

Closeby Gazipur Village through Greenery and grasslands

Closeby Gazipur Village through Greenery

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