3 BHK Apartment in Mona Greens
(1841 Sq.ft) on VIP road, Zirakpur

This apartment covers an area measuring 1841 Sq Feet. It will be the ideal property to explore. It is positioned from the first to thirteenth story of Mona Greens, currently under development and expected a possession by the year end 2014 roughly. This option is assembled consistently with the most recent standards of development laws and high advances have been utilized and with our development team. It is in good residential locality with all common amenities like good ventilation, ample water supply, easy transportation and more.

This property featured on home page for now, is a star attraction at this time and units getting sold quickly. It is the ultimate home for a family of 2 or 3 couples. You will cherish the extravagant, beautiful lofts intended for inspiring solace and easy style. It has all diversion you require from adjacent shopping centers, schools, silver screens, enclosures, touring and restaurants to swimming pools. The sample flat images of this condo is ready now at our property for you to see. The sample flat is beautified with awesome furniture and upholstery for you to get an idea about.

Elevations of 3 BHK Flats block

Elevation of 3 and 4 BHK Flats Blocks in MG1 property from outside.

Dimensions/ Measurements 3 BHK

Type of property 3 Bedroom Hall Kitchen
Total Area 1841 Sq Ft
Master Bedroom Dimensions 14'-11" X 11'-1"
Guest Bedroom Dimensions 10'-11" x 12'-1"
Third Bedroom Dimensions 9'-11" x 12'-11"
Balcony Area Dimensions 5'-11"
Bathroom and Toilet Dimensions 5'-2" x 7'-5"
Kitchen Dimensions 11'-1" x 6'-11"

This sublime fusion between modern, quality service and efficiency leaves one with an antique aroma. Flats at Mona Greens give both guests and family alike the possibility to experience the atmosphere of an authentic almost 5-Star apartment. It will give you a unique and unrepeatable experience in an extraordinary setting in the heart of Zirakpur. The location of this property is superlative.

living room 3 BHK Apartment  Dining area of the of the flat

second bedroom of sample flat  Bedding enhancements that can be done in 3 BHK Flat
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Each room has the capacity to feature great furnishings and elegant decor. It also features premier amenities. This condo follows the traditional style, roofs with wooden ground surface and unique Vitrified tiles, tastefully done and semi-outfitted but spacious.

Superlative Floor Map of these 3 BHK

Floor map- 3 BHK

Layout Plan: 3 BHK Apartment
Mona Greens: VIP Road, Zirakpur, Punjab
Area: 1841 Sq.ft

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Linking Rooms to Rooms

The floors as the name depicts 3 Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen. This type connects all the rooms together in the sense that one walks through it ten millions times a day, so we would notice a fresh environment. These flats appear larger than it looks. It is designed and planned as a full time residence for the customers where they can spend their precious time with loved ones. From every angle of the house it will remind you of the house you lived in with your grandparents.

We, as a team, have lots of fun designing these homes and we have got plenty of feedback about how much fun they are to live in. Porches in these condos becomes an additional living space when the weather permits.

Panoramio of drawing room, kitchen and a bedroom

The sober color change from room to room and then through the living and other portions of the condo, there seems to be a seem less transition of colors and blending shades to give you a fine value for not just money but for your time and trust you have shown in us. MT Zirakpur properties, will never like to break the same. "Delivering you only the best!"

Utilization of latest techniques and materials for the construction and interior designing

The valuated ceilings make the house look and feel bigger than it is. Wooden flooring in master bedrooms is great way to give an enchanting look to the space. We have designed a small room which room which they are meant to be used for guests but they are superbly built that it can be used as one of the rooms occasionally.

There is just something appealing about these rooms. After designing a guest room and the hallway, we have had the customers tell us that they spend more time in the rooms. You can see the designs beautifully blend with the other parts of the property. Each flat shall be offered to you in a semi- furnished state. You can then blend the colors of your choice and decorate your own dream room and home.

Each room has the aptitude to feature great stuff and classy decor. It also features foremost amenities. This follows the customary style, coverings with wooden ground surface and unique vitrified tiles, discerningly done and semi-outfitted but spacious.

Grey tiger print tiles in the sample flat.

Grey tiger print tiles in the sample flat.

Thoughtfully Designed for the year 2014

You will love to see this room as considerately designed as this property is. Something that architects and contractors take for granted but that home owner hardly experience is the well designed interiors. We spent as much time as possible with the insides of the place that will become your home. It is just like viewing the inside of a person during operation. The most universal examination is that during the building process, the degree of rooms and the way we perceive the overall design changes dramatically.

When the foundation was poured the space looked too small, with the framing up, the building looked too large. Rest trimming, siding, windows and roofing bring the massive structure back into dimensions. Inside finishing and trim as well as the designs and paint make a room that feels you comfort. The craftsmanship that goes into the framing and the electric work shows that the home is being finished.

The straight, plumbing and square walls and floors make the room look so complete.

Velvet Curtains that add to the upholstry in second bedroom of 3 BHK

Velvet Embroidered Curtains add elegance to the interiors of this sample flats.

Primary Residence to go on your status card

You won’t leave a chance to praise the way that is designed and you might sometime miss the beauty and simplicity of light and shadow. It’s our duty to find beauty in things we can portray into. The way into the house that is the entrance. We give open space to play, entertain and gather with family and friends. It will really make you feel like a top class house.

These rooms help in bringing harmony and peace in the entire premises of the apartment. From in genius designs to stylish works, our hallway decorating ideas will make you feel as yours so much more than that just an entryway. So you will get inspired by the amazing design ideas. You will be thankful to your home. These services are available at an affordable price to our clients.

Our experienced professionals make sure that the structural design of the apartments is planned as per the Vastu that plays a significant part of the Indian tradition. We as a builder take care of each move in the house and try to provide a unique combination of modern and traditional design for the drawing room that helps in matching up with the current and modern trend prevailing in the market. We are renowned builder offering a quality level of services by using each and every space available. Leveraging upon 30 years of experience, we are engaged into providing a diverse range of services to the clients.

a hotspot for inquiry in the town for properties, MT Zirakpur office.
A Property hotspot in the town, MT Zirakpur office!

Elegant Design of Each Room

The interior designs of each room are truly outstanding and innovative designing which adds life to the house. Encouragement of new ideas and techniques in the design and furnishing of interior spaces in 3 Bedroom Apartment are definitely inspired by the diversity. Provision of lifts in the building takes passengers from ground to roof in few seconds as it is the fastest elevators used. This advanced vertical transportation allows building to become even more feasible.

Your house entrance and front door are an important part of welcoming people. The elegant porch and modern look of the doors in apartments look fresh and inviting. Attractive home entrance designs, front door decorations are best way to show the artistic and loving nature. The doors and the design in each room have high aesthetic and design values and add a great deal of beauty to them.

We are specialized in offering an extensive range of luxurious these flats to our customers that matches your budget. In order to make the complete use of the space we have designed the drawing room that is connected with other rooms as well making it as comfortable as we can. These rooms are though semi-furnished will not give you the feel of stepping in a semi-furnished apartment. These rooms are well decorated with variety of material.

Master Bedroom of the 3 BHKs

Master Bedroom of our sample apartment in Zirakpur


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