2 BHK Flat in Mona Greens

VIP Road, Zirakpur -Type A1 (1110 Sq.ft) & Type A3 (1207 Sq.ft.)

This project of MTZirakpur, is endowed with green cover sprawling across acres. Exquisitely designed with well-planned spaces of lush greenery, state-of-the-art design 2 BHK and the most contemporary and innovative lifestyle facilities for those you plan to stay nuclear, this MT property promises a life many have dreamt off. It is strategically located in the centre of the city at the tri-junction of the famous and buzzing VIP Road, and right in the middle to access the city on all 3 sides with direct roads. Truly, what makes it an iconic landmark for living.

MTZirakpur has carefully planned the layout of these units & erected and finished them before the other types of properties in this domain. With floor plans, one recreates their homes, garden or office or study room. Mona Greens has given a clear view on the various floor plans that includes 2, 3 and 4 BHKs. Nothing beats Mona Greens in giving a clear view on the property.

Sample Flat- 2 BHK in MG1 propertyWith our intuitive editor, one can have the best of all designing. We have played around with the interior designing of these apts and have given one of the worlds best of all kinds of furniture and items (at additional costs) in sample apt. These consist of a Living Room, Dining Space, 2 Bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. It is a perfect space for small families, Corporates looking for service units for hire for senior level executives or small groups looking for a place for extended stay in Zirakpur.

These has long been an inside of an artesano and bring around to the world. It's a wondrous spot and a comfort stay for lifetime emphasizing extraordinary life along with breathtaking amenities. Alongside a captivating history and an interesting society that incorporates heavenly nourishments. You can revel in the extraordinary out-of-entryways with an exciting site-seeing on roads from your windows itself. Inside loosen up at a comfortable place at lavish occupant where you can get various types of facilities for families and additionally children and moving yourself from simple life to a global plane set the distance through fantastic downtown area. This property sprouts to vitality and energy to many individuals.

This property of Mona Greens are now ready to move in January 2014. The surroundings though are in the final touches. Hence simply buy and move in to decorate or furnish your dream home.

2 BHK Flat Layout

This is an exclusive condo that gives you 360 degree view from top floors of your building making you feel like in dreamland. It offers an extensive array of facilities such as gymnasium, playground, jogging track and many more. Residents can fully enjoy the quiet, peaceful with foliage environment around their home. With the strategic location which is just few minutes out of famous places in the city. If you want to travel someplace, it is also immediately nearby your home. If you want to dine out with friends you can choose several restaurants in the area around your home. Beyond doubt you cannot find a better location for your town houses than this. The serene surrounding helps the mind to relax and helps to narrate the glorious past and your future.

Layout Plan: 2 BHK Flat Type A1

Layout Plan: 2 BHK Type A1
Mona Greens: VIP Road, Zirakpur, Punjab
Area: 1110 Sq.ft

Layout Plan: 2 BHK Flat Type A3

Layout Plan: 2 BHK Type A3
Mona Greens: VIP Road, Zirakpur, Punjab
Area: 1207 Sq.ft.


Room specification Details
Entrance  Beautiful View
Bedroom 2 Bedroom with state-of-the-art design 
Bathroom 2 Bathroom with Modern Style
Kitchen Modular Kitchen 
Balcony Private Balconies overlooking the park
Lawn Beautiful Lawn and Spacious
Windows Great view from floor to ceiling windows
Dinning  High Comfy Level
Washroom Two washrooms attached with rooms
Size Information
Total size  1110 sq.
Bedroom "16.9.5  x10.00"
Balcony "3-0"
Kitchen "10-0 x 6-6"
Drawing room "10-7x13-4"
Dining  "13-6x13-0"
Electric facility
24 House Back up  Yes
Other  facility
Vaastu friendly  Yes
Space management  Via expert
Modern Kitchen Yes
Kids'play area with park 
State-of-the-Art fixtures Yes
Excellent Cross Ventilation Yes
Jogging Track with Healthy Environment  Yes
Security Yes

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Decent Space!

When it comes to space, everyone needs ample space to live in a life and to give it a life. Spacious rooms give utmost satisfaction rather than congested ones. It is better to go and prefer that which suits you the most instead of pushing yourself towards those where you have an aversion to. Our this property is such where you can find advancement in amenities, not just that but also abundant space one dreams to be in.

It’s perfectly designed blocks of 8 levels each facing the directions as per the vaastu shastra that brings in the energy. Accomplishment of each floor gave a mesmerizing look to the building with a central lobby.

2 BHK block front face of Mona Greens

Front Face

When you will come and spy these beautiful units, which inclines a whopping several meters from the VIP street to north facing rear as well as south facing ones, people jump at the chance to buy it knowing its steep slope actually gave the block huge potential. It is truly a spectacular home with a knockout factor attached to it and an element of surprise beyond its perfect sized front door.

The carved door in these homes graces a front door with tiled floors that are polished concrete. Many of the work are painstakingly done to achieve just the right projection. You can see the entrance overlooking the dining area as well as the living area. The dining area connects to the relaxed rooms with comfortable space to wander.

These homes Epitomizes A Good Life

Walk with a vast array of shops, restaurants, shopping malls, banks, supermarkets and cinema halls and Other places of interest can be easily accessed by using your vehicle or preferring auto-rickshaws the nearest stop is just few minute walk from building. The living space also includes balcony, lounge area which makes it ideal for entertaining friends or business associates.

Keeping an eye out for the perfect element is the large park that is likely to hang out in the early mornings which is full of birds especially in the wee hours of the morning. With its huge rooms, uncluttered spaces and lovely polished floors and can be used as a modern mansion. This sophisticated park facing building with its iconic exterior and most classy interiors featuring excellently catered houses. A selection of popularly independent managed restaurants is provided just a few meters away from your houses.

Overall it is sophisticated, classy, dynamic, lively, luxurious, lavishness and welcoming- an assortment of words can be summoned to describe the modern appealing of the MT accommodating on VIP Road. With its stately cheerfulness, it introduces and continuously provides you with an unsurpassed quality of life, no matter how longer your stay will be.

The absolute size and luxury of not only one floor but each one of the luxury space within it, reverberates a special start to the art of living. It is all about life and about style.

Why 2 BHK?

This is the best to suit your budget as well as to start with. Mona Greens is one of the best to start your investment for a two bedroom . You can discover a large two bedroom hallway kitchen from the comfort and convenience as per your requirements. You will not get any 2 bedroom for a better price than this. It is Ideal for a family to live in and is suitable for everyone who even can’t afford that much. Best location, walk to anything in downtown.

You will not get any property of this sort for a better price other than this. This property provide an elite address for those with a decided taste for luxury. Spacious bedrooms, hallway in 2 walled provide an unparalleled selection to suit every busy lifestyle. Each day you will enjoy the absolute convenience of security around the clock.

It is bounded by eclectic work, vivacious color and the pounding of lively neighborhood. Our designer floor plans fit every lifestyle audacity incredible town views. 2 Bedroom aligned perfectly in VIP road of Zirakpur and walking distance to all the hot spots, offering plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment options. This walk to walk nearby location from the city’s renowned commercial properties like Aloft Chandigarh, Zoological Park, Rock Garden and many more entertaining places are all enthusiazing. Endless opportunities await you with many crazy and passionate places. Enjoy over approximately 1200 sq. ft of indoor and outdoor amenities including kids play area, jogging track, state of the art fitness centre and many more on the track. High end finishes with special attentions including private terraces overlooking the park to detail are just one of the many reasons to make Mona Greens your home.

These condos offers a remarkable lifestyle of beauty and easy and utmost comfort level steps away from few enthralling places. Open your door to 80 percent Open Park with expansive green lawns and superlative fountains-the most remarkable front yard in the area.

Interiors: Semi Furnished and Scope of Improvement

The two's are ready to explore the beauty of architecture and interior design scope that is demonstrated. This block has a beautiful central lobby for all property owners to enjoy in the center and see the world around on the other side through balconies. You can move in them now. See the amazing interiors and upholstry we have demonstrated. You can either purchase this at an additional price or get something made similar with your own creativity. These property units are offered to you in a semi- furnished state. You can then mix match the colors of your choice and decorate your own dream room and home.

The central lobby from the top floor in the 1st 2 BHK Block
Central Lobby of this Block

The design team of Mona Greens 2 Bedroom Hall Kitchen is a qualified and well known designer who has planned and created interior & exterior working or living environments that are comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing. We design interior spaces for rooms, kitchens, lobby, washrooms & Balconies. We met few customers to discuss their requirements after all we make a proposal on the basis of clients need and space. After our clients got satisfied with our proposal then we performed several steps like Design developments, Project management of the total work.

Our this segment is the first to be finished and ready to move in. The beautiful diamond shape layout of these condos are such that it gives you an entirely new feeling of something new in life yet accomodating all what you plan to carry in your home of 3 bedrooms. The living cum drawing area accomodates the dinning table and a balcony to enjoy your day and nights in the most astonishing way.

The front face of Mona Greens comprise the North-Western Facing and South-Western facing units. They give you the great views of the Apple's Height Commercial Complex which is a fine commercial hub/ mall to see the buzz in the city around with the Easy Day store at a short distance towards this direction towards the North-Western side lying busy and happening, VIP road of Zirakpur. The cost of these properties are thus expected to rise more than others. The Southern and Eastern Facing units are relatively quiter ones, facing towards other residential accomodations. The middle to upper floor units, give you a decent view of the whole city around.

Front face of Mona Greens Property which entirely has 2 BHK Apartments
The front view of Mona Greens showing South-Western and North Western Facing condos
(Picture taken in the evening)

South-Western Facing Units
(Through Final touchings)

We provide our esteemed clients with visually persuasive (solid), high performance and environmentally tenable interiors solutions to help their enterprise grow, sustain their culture, inspire their staff, incorporate technology and drive productivity.
We, as an interior designer team, are a strong believer in the adage that the boldest of ideas grow from the simplest thoughts. From the petals of a marigold to the wings of a butterfly, nature provides us an abundance of examples of how simplicity can be complex and elegant.

Comparison with other Two Bedroom Hall Kitchens in the Area

The comparison is first with the units in the rest of the Zirakpur Area: This property is the answer if your pocket does not allow the beyond reach high prices of the beautiful city Chandigarh. You get the same buzz around here and relatively more decent gentry settling on the famous and fast growing locality of the VIP road. The affordable prices of our units in this property are hard to resist. With amazing layout, fine finish, you stay at a lower cost of living with almost equal standards as that of other grown up localities of developed cities around.

The second main comparison lays with the properties on the VIP road itself. Have a stroll around the area to discover a location as best as this. Our property lays just a walking distance from the main Ambala- Chandigarh Express Way and yet far enough of the highway traffic. From the roof, you get to see most of the city. The property lays further on a tri-junction of a road that connects to both ends of VIP road plus the upcoming planned ring road of the city Zirakpur. Most amneties are at relatively better distances than other properties. The Tri junction in front of these units (North and South western Facing units) keep the whole day alive. The day starts up quick and the nights are live and lightened for a longer time.

the 3 and 4 bedroom blocks at the back

This property from the top.

In addition a few other features to facilitate your ready to move decision

  • Renowned and Ontime Builders: Our reputation and name in the real estate market is enough to prove our timely delivery of projects and with that of the maximum satisfaction of customers.
  • Prime Location-Market Facing: As mentioned above, the 2 faces of the dual rooms, the happening crowded times of the city and at the same time, others provide the calmness facing towards other residencies.
  • Facilities: No, don't pick your car or even a bike for shopping, for most you will get on a walking distance. Branded Showrooms, sweet shops, Bakers, Restaurants/ Bars, chat shops and various other facilities are in close by. Chain stores for daily usage are closeby and many groceries/ restaurants would offer a home delivery too. Bank of Baroda ATM is right across our property and we expect more to open soon. It is hard to find a life of such livelihood at the price offered by Mona Townships in Zirakpur.
  • Ample air in the society.
    For the front face, it is the main road and the backside, we have ample space in between other 3-4 BHKs
  • Security gate and Corporate office. These are built up on the corporate office of Mona Greens and right next to the main gate of the colony. Thus these enjoy the maximum security of the property. A police Van can also be spotted many times right in front of the Mona Greens Property.

    security/ police van outside MG 2 BHK- right in front
    Police Van Patroling in the evening in front of Mona Greens

Night View outside from the top floor of the 2 BHK flat with balcony facing South West Direction.
Night View outside from the top floor of these units with balcony facing South West Direction.

Enhance the joy of living in this property

Lohri Celebrations at MT Zirakpur PropertyOur aim is to become the best quality provider to our customers and live up to the expectation they look forward to be. Refined from years of relations and research with numerous customers and home designers, MT Zirakpur focuses on bringing an improved sense of openness and independence to the customer’s lifestyle. Through intelligent designing and careful planning of multiple interlinked lifestyle needs, not just within the two walls of one’s home but also extending oneself out.

The property benefits you from large lounge, modular kitchen with modern appliances, flawless bathrooms and plenty of storage space. There are lots of small shops and if you step out of the house and walk few miles you will find huge buildings that are loved by women for local entertainment. This property is a short walk away as it is laid on one of the main roads of Zirakpur, popular with singles, couples, professionals and tourists, as the transport links are excellent. You have got lots of buses only few minutes away that goes all over Zirakpur.

Enjoy the various festivals of India with us at MT Zirakpur. See the latest Lohri function celebrated at our premesis. The developing building is going to be immaculate featuring cozy sofa space in the condos, attractive designing, 24 hours concierge and an underground car park. Come and join hands where both lifestyles and opportunities are heightened.

It is built with the vision of bringing high quality condos to the suburban. It is just about to finish which is planned to be adorned with all new innovative design that is cultivated through our understanding with our clients. We have built this condo with our professionalism, creativity and experience to make it just feel like beyond two bedroom residence. Identifying every specific detail, transforming your vision into reality, we just planned to think out of the box with unlimited concepts and ideas. Offering an impressive range of luxurious amenities providing residents with comfort and conveniences that are offered no place else. All blend in two walls spacious floor plans and breathe taking views of the city.

The complete list of avalaible Banks/ Fls Approvals